Compack Evo 2.5 Box Machine

Compack Evo 25 Box Machine

The Compack EVO 2.5 is powered by Panotec, and is designed for applications where box type and size change frequently. With up to 98″ of board width input available, the 2.5 is configurable with up to four side-by-side inputs or four full-width inputs in an inline configuration. All standard BOD® capabilities including multiple-box output, custom box styles, and integration with ERP or WMS platforms are included.

Compack EVO 2.5 box making machines features the latest Panotec high-speed cutting head technology and BoxLink Pro® software. Both software and machine technology are designed for longevity, minimal maintenance, and easy-to-use interface. The EVO automatically selects the right board width for each box design and is available with an expanded set up configuration and trim conveyor for maximum productivity and efficiency.

The Compack EVO can also be incorporated as part of the automatic gluing series called the EVO Line. This system is designed to provide further operating efficiency and labor reduction cost benefits. 


Machine Details


  • 2.5M (96″) board width input
  • High production output using a single operator and virtually no footsteps
  • Fastest automatic fanfold change over
  • Up to 4 lateral (side-by-side) fanfold
  • Up to 8 inline side-by-side fanfold sources
  • Software suite includes production and history reporting
  • Integrates with WMS and ERP systems
  • Optional trim scrap conveyor