WestRock Honored with 31 Design of the Times Awards for Excellence in Merchandising Displays

WestRock Merchandising Displays received 31 Design of the Times awards at the 2018 P2P Expo sponsored by the Path to Purchase Institute. Among the awards include a platinum award for Harry’s Dude and Dog endcap.

The Design of the Times competition celebrates in-store displays and digital activations and recognizes their role in any successful shopper marketing initiative. The competition is sponsored by the Path to Purchase Institute, a global member community that champions shopper-centric thinking and practice that help define the ongoing evolution of consumer marketing and the overall shopping experience.

WestRock earned one platinum, 11 gold, 14 silver and five bronze awards for a range of displays. A complete list is included below:

Platinum Award (1)

Harry's Dude and Dog Endcap

harry's shaving award winning retail display

Gold Awards (11)

Beauty and The Beast Live Action Walmart WOW
Coco Walmart WOW
The Coca-Cola Co. Interceptor

innovative beverage retail displays


The Coca-Cola Co. Contour Bottle with Motorized Header

coca cola beverage merchandising display
Crest® Detoxify Floorstand
Crest® Detoxify Launch
Harry's Dude and Dog Endcap
Neutrogena® DeepClean Floorstand
Neutrogena® Wipes Endcap
Olay JFM Whips Mixed 12-Piece 30-Inch Tray
Sun Bum Target Endcap


Silver Awards (14)

AT&T® and Cricket Wireless Dual Branded Floorstand
The Coca-Cola Co. Imports and Origins Display

coca cola beverage merchandising displaycoca cola award winning retali displays
ChapStick® Slurpee

consumer package goods retail displays
Colgate® Save the Water Pallet Display
Elmer's Slime Table

Herbal Essences® Bottle Floorstand

shampoo retail displays
Hershey’s Easter Egg Modular Half-Pallet Display

confectionary retail displays
Office Depot® Three-Sided Pallet

Olay Mixed Whips 12 Piece Skinny Tower
Newell Brand/3M Office Depot Two-Sided Floorstand

Pantene Premium Foam Floorstand
Sphero Cars Display

Target Back to School Semi Circle Endcap
Vernors Ginger Ale Lighthouse Floorstand

Bronze Awards (5)

The Coca-Cola Co. Patriot Lobby Wall

innovative beverage in-store award winning display
Black Lotus

craft brewery packaging
Crush Halloween Dump Bin

halloween award winning display
Diet Coke Slim Can Contour Rack for Target
Head & Shoulders® Helix Floorstand

fast moving consumer goods retail display

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