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Consumers are driving seismic shifts across the brand and retail marketplace. At WestRock, we believe packaging matters ��� to brands, retailers, and consumers – in building trust, enhancing brand presence and finding new ways for consumers to engage with brands.

That’s why we study consumer satisfaction with packaging across categories and countries. Over the past five years, we have created an unrivaled knowledge base of consumer attitudes toward packaging.

Let us show you how packaging can give you an edge.

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The survey was fielded with a sample size of 1,000 U.S. general population consumers from March 9-16, 2017 via a 15-minute online survey. The margin of error is +/- 3.1% at the 95% confidence level.1

1 WestRock Packaging Matters Pulse Survey (March 2017) 

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Packaging Matters Trust IconBuilding Trust – One Package at a Time.

The brand/consumer relationship is often a long-standing one. While consumers are demonstrating a willingness to try new ways of interacting with the brands they trust, these experiences can be a little scary.

Across the consumer journey—from purchasing to receiving to consuming, packaging plays an important role in reassuring consumers that the product they know and love is arriving to them safely and securely.

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Packaging Matters Brand Presence IconPackaging Influences Purchasing.

Competition for consumer attention at shelf and on the screen continues to intensify. Brands invest heavily in a wide variety of marketing strategies and tactics, but in the end, the only element of that mix consumers are guaranteed to interact with is the packaging.

And in order to consume a product, a customer must interact with a package.

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New Choices Inspire New Product Education. 

With all the new choices in the marketplace and all the new ways to purchase and consume products, there is a clear need for consumer education. Consumers have been relying on product packaging for directions for use (think cake mix boxes) and dosing (think prescription bottles) for decades. This new environment is another great opportunity to leverage packaging as an educational tool.

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Research matters for making smarter decisions

For more than five years, through our Packaging Matters research, we have surveyed more than 5,000 people in 10 countries and have created an unrivaled knowledge base of consumer attitudes toward packaging.

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