Moving Products the Green Way


We not only want to meet our customers’ expectations for on-time delivery, we want to reduce the environmental impact of our transportation systems too. That is why WestRock has implemented a tool that allows us to optimize the way we load and ship cargo from our manufacturing locations throughout the U.S. By using a model to help us increase the volume of finished product we can ship per truck, railcar or intermodal container, we can now transport more packaging products using fewer rail and truck trips.

We piloted our transportation optimization program at our Stevenson, AL, mill in the summer of 2015, and we are on track to complete implementation of our North American Containerboard and Consumer Mill business segment by the end of 2017. We also have integrated use of the cargo optimization tool into our front-end supply chain processes. Within the past year, WestRock has been able to reduce the number of railcars shipped by more than 1,000 and the number of truck trips by more than 500.

By making our supply chain more efficient, we are providing on-time delivery to our customers, while saving money, avoiding the use of fossil fuels, and reducing greenhouse gas and other air emissions associated with our transportation footprint.