Helping Restore Wild Turkey Populations

Wild Turkey

Since 1973, the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) has been working to rebuild North America’s wild turkey population. According to the NWTF, wild turkeys are currently found in self-sustaining populations in 49 of the 50 United States, six Canadian provinces, and in central and eastern Mexico, marking an extraordinary recovery from the scattered, remnant populations of less than a century ago. (NWTF, Wild Turkey Population History and Overview, http://www.nwtf.org/resource-library/detail/population-overview)

The NWTF has contributed to this wildlife management success story by working with state and federal agency partners and thousands of volunteers on habitat preservation and conservation programs, including efforts to transport turkeys from remnant populations to suitable, new locations where they can thrive. WestRock makes the corrugated containers used to transport the turkeys, using Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI)™ certified containerboard.

In addition to providing the NWTF with turkey transport containers, WestRock’s support of sustainable forestry helps promote the health and productivity of forestlands in many areas of the country that serve as important habitats for wild turkey populations. Safeguarding wildlife habitats and preserving biological diversity are central tenets of our fiber procurement policies and practices. Read more about our responsible fiber sourcing efforts at www.westrock.com/sustainability/forest-resources.