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Paper, the Original Green Packaging

At WestRock, our products made with virgin fiber, a renewable resource, and begin with wood sourced from responsibly managed forests. We actively promote efforts to increase the amount of land certified to recognized forest management standards and have created one of the largest chain-of-custody certified fiber procurement organizations in the industry.

WestRock Helps Prove Fiber Cups Can Be Recycled

Starbucks partnered with WestRock, Sustana and Seda to prove that coffee cups can be recycled in a closed loop process, debunking the misconception poly-coated paperboard cannot be recycled. WestRock recently began accepting cups, along with paper food packaging, at eight of its own mills.

UPWARD: Insights for rising brands

The Buyer's Perspective: Inside tips for brand success from a retail buyer.

Make a lasting impression on the retail market and discover what buyers are looking for with inside information from Chris Potestio, a brand development transformational leader and former retail buyer for Texas-based grocer, HEB Central Market.

The Retail Evolution: Why now is the right time for rising brands.

Making sure your brand is well-positioned in the retail space will help ensure your success. In this video, Leon Nicholas, vice president, retail insights and solutions at WestRock, shares insights into the opportunities that support a retailer’s go-to-market strategy.

Automated Packaging Systems: Beverage Solutions

It's our mission to bring meaningful beverage packaging innovations to market—and we do it fast.

Innovative packaging solutions are most effective when they are delivered quickly—giving beverage brands a distinct in-market advantage over their competitors. Our engineers and designers leverage insights and understandings of the client’s brand, their consumers’ needs and category dynamics to commercialize designs into a cost-effective, manufacturable solution that can be implemented quickly and efficiently using our extensive automation capabilities. We think faster, design faster—and act faster—so our customers can sell faster.

Merchandising Displays

WestRock’s Efficient Display System (EDS)

WestRock’s Efficient Display System (EDS) features a handful of standardized components that can be configured in various ways to support our customers’ unique needs. The EDS utilizes a common chassis and standardized components to optimize efficiency while reducing cost. Designed for maximum versatility by accommodating various configurations and planograms, the EDS system is equipped with a set number of adjustable and interchangeable components. Messaging panels can be interchanged for different graphic treatments, and reduced complexity and customization lead to increased speed-to-market. Standardized EDS components can be configured in many ways, enabling a wide array of different shop-down strategies.