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Research challenges us to explore what's possible.

We’re always thinking about the things that are critical to your brands’ success, and staying on top—or ahead—of the latest trends using data and research. That gives us insight into consumer behavior, brand loyalty, and retail experiences. Our teams then turn those insights into innovative solutions for your biggest business challenges.

Whether we are collecting data about packaging satisfaction or studying shoppers in our retail labs, we are constantly exploring what’s possible with the power of insights. And when you partner with us, we put that knowledge to work for you.

Packaging Connects


WestRock connects people to products through sustainable packaging. We regularly conduct our own consumer insights research to keep our customers informed about changing consumer preferences for packaging and its impact on purchase behavior, product satisfaction and brand trust. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, packaging is playing an increasingly vital role in consumers’ lives. Consumers want packaging to be safe, sustainable and provide a unique brand experience.

The impact of COVID-19 on consumer attitudes toward packaging
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Insights in Action

We focus on insights-driven innovation to solve your biggest challenges.

See how we put our insights about consumer behavior, retail shopping experiences, and the science of packaging into action for our business and for yours.


Swiss Chalet Partners with WestRock to Launch Recyclable Paperboard Packaging

This dramatic material change is an important step by restaurant parent company, Recipe Unlimited, towards sustainability goals

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Grupo Modelo First American User of WestRock CanCollar Eco Packaging

The partnership aims to help advance the beer company’s sustainability goals by eliminating its use of plastic rings in Mexico

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Asahi Breweries First Japanese User of WestRock CanCollar Eco Packaging

Replacing packaging with CanCollar® results in up to 81% material reduction

CanCollar Innovation

Spotlight on WestRock Healthcare

WestRock is supporting our healthcare customers with packaging solutions for COVID-19 vaccines, treatments and diagnostics.

Check out WestRock's recent healthcare innovations

Holiday Shopping Shines a Spotlight on E-Commerce

How sustainable packaging helps retailers meet demand and lower cost

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E-Commerce Accelerated: How 2020 Changed the Retail Landscape

Reflecting on shopper trends and how retailers can sustain their growth through e-fulfillment and packaging automation.

Retail and Automation

Insights on the impact of COVID-19 and packaging

WestRock's Chief Marketing Officer Margaret Herndon shares insights on the impact that COVID-19 had on packaging.

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The CanCollar A Game Changer In Beverage Innovation

CanCollar, a fiber-based alternative to plastic rings for assembling canned beverages. Brandable, cost & eco-conscious, CanCollar is a better option.

Beverage Innovation

The Secret to Successful, Sustainable E-Commerce Business: Automated Packaging

Automation might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of sustainability, but it is a core element of WestRock’s approach.

Automated Packaging

"About The Box" Thinking: A Brewer's Sustainability Story

Q&A with David Hayslette from craft beverage and Annie Atwell from JuneShine

A Brewer's Sustainability Story

Advancing Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability has always been an important part of our company’s history — conservation and sustainable forest management are in our DNA. 

Advancing Sustainable Packaging

Connecting Innovation and Sustainability: A Q&A with Jim Caudill

Hear how Jim and his team are exploring several exciting sustainable packaging innovations

Innovation and Sustainability
Packaging Safety Report

Packaging Safety Report

A gathering storm.

Globally, consumers are increasingly concerned about product safety. From child resistance to food safety to chemicals of concern and migration of materials, consumers are demanding transparency. It’s clear they expect it not only from government but also from brands—and packaging is part of the mix.

Our special report on packaging safety includes analysis of our consumer insights data and a snapshot of the dynamic conversation taking place in statehouses, boardrooms and at kitchen tables around the world.

Download the Packaging Safety report