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Research challenges us to explore what's possible.

We’re always thinking about the things that are critical to your brands’ success, and staying on top—or ahead—of the latest trends using data and research. That gives us insight into consumer behavior, brand loyalty, and retail experiences. Our teams then turn those insights into innovative solutions for your biggest business challenges.

Whether we are collecting data about packaging satisfaction or studying shoppers in our retail labs, we are constantly exploring what’s possible with the power of insights. And when you partner with us, we put that knowledge to work for you.

Packaging Connects


WestRock connects people to products through sustainable packaging. We regularly conduct our own consumer insights research to keep our customers informed about changing consumer preferences for packaging and its impact on purchase behavior, product satisfaction and brand trust. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, packaging is playing an increasingly vital role in consumers’ lives. Consumers want packaging to be safe, sustainable and provide a unique brand experience.

The impact of COVID-19 on consumer attitudes toward packaging
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Insights in Action

We focus on insights-driven innovation to solve your biggest challenges.

See how we put our insights about consumer behavior, retail shopping experiences, and the science of packaging into action for our business and for yours.


Insights on the impact of COVID-19 and packaging

WestRock's Chief Marketing Officer Margaret Herndon shares insights on the impact that COVID-19 had on packaging.

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Operating with the Full Life Cycle in Mind 

A Q&A with WestRock Chief Sustainability Officer Brandi Colander

Brandi Colander

Introducing Rajiv Banavali, Senior Vice President, Science and Innovation

WestRock proudly introduces Rajiv Banavali to lead the creation of new products, processes and services.

Rajiv Banavali

The CanCollar A Game Changer In Beverage Innovation

CanCollar, a fiber-based alternative to plastic rings for assembling canned beverages. Brandable, cost & eco-conscious, CanCollar is a better option.

Beverage Innovation

The Secret to Successful, Sustainable E-Commerce Business: Automated Packaging

Automation might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of sustainability, but it is a core element of WestRock’s approach.

Automated Packaging

Challenger Brands: Bridging E-commerce and Retail

Leon Nicholas, Vice President of Retail Insights & Solutions

E-commerce and Retail

"About The Box" Thinking: A Brewer's Sustainability Story

Q&A with David Hayslette from craft beverage and Annie Atwell from JuneShine

A Brewer's Sustainability Story

Advancing Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability has always been an important part of our company’s history — conservation and sustainable forest management are in our DNA. 

Advancing Sustainable Packaging

Connecting Innovation and Sustainability: A Q&A with Jim Caudill

Hear how Jim and his team are exploring several exciting sustainable packaging innovations

Innovation and Sustainability

Less Waste, More Space for Lippert Enterprises

Reduced packaging and shipping costs by 20% and decreased packing time by 25% using WestRock’s Box On Demand® solution.

Lippert Enterprises
Case Study

Ames Case Study

American tool manufacturer, Ames, was challenged with efficiently packing a various mix of product sizes.

Ames Case Study
Case Study

Sleeping Giant Brewing Company Case Study

Sleeping Giant sourced a full portfolio of corrugated and folding carton packaging options as well as new equipment financing to grow its business.

Sleeping Giant Brewing Case Study
Case Study

Charleys Philly Steaks Case Study

Collaboration is often the secret ingredient to success, and in the case of Charleys Philly Steaks, teamwork and great taste go together.

Charleys Philly Steaks Case Study

Packaging Solutions – Digital Disruption = Opportunities

Digital is no longer a “nice to have” – it’s disrupting industries at scale. Read how WestRock is arming clients with cutting edge packaging solutions to succeed.

Digital Disruption

Impact of Product Packaging on Craft Beer Buying Decisions

Studies show that most beer buying decisions are made in-aisle.

Craft Beer Buying

Making Packaging Lines Do More With Automated Packaging Systems

Packaging solutions that were once laborious mechanical processes are now simplified with improved technology, which is opening the door for innovation.

Automated Packaging Systems

Does Paper Selection Matter?

Certainly great design is essential. But have you ever wondered if the paper you select for your designs really matters?

Paper Selection

Meta System - Wine Shipping Boxes Compared

A test of wine shipping boxes, including the Meta System, shows which boxes are most reliable.

Wine Shipping Boxes

The Power of the Box. Does Shape and Color Matter?

WestRock research shows people are interested in more than what’s inside the pizza box.

Shape and Color Matters

The Brains Behind Custom Pizza Boxes at WestRock

See how Senior Designer, Timothy Tripp, combined his creativity with WestRock's signature consultative approach to deliver a new pizza box to market.

Custom Pizza Boxes
Case Study

Brewing bold ideas for supply chain improvement

Discover how Keurig Green Mountain and WestRock developed a true partnership.

Keurig Case Study

New Cool Box Sharing Pack: Good Times & Science

Fill our new Sol Cool box sharing pack with ice and make a cooler on the go.

Cool Box Sharing Pack
Packaging Safety Report

Packaging Safety Report

A gathering storm.

Globally, consumers are increasingly concerned about product safety. From child resistance to food safety to chemicals of concern and migration of materials, consumers are demanding transparency. It’s clear they expect it not only from government but also from brands—and packaging is part of the mix.

Our special report on packaging safety includes analysis of our consumer insights data and a snapshot of the dynamic conversation taking place in statehouses, boardrooms and at kitchen tables around the world.

Download the Packaging Safety report