Younique: Beautiful Packaging Worthy of Your Beautiful Face

Elegance and texture bring this interactive piece to life

Younique Eyeshadow Packaging

'Tis the season: MotionKote in action

With the instinctive awareness that packaging is meant to do more than simply house a product, WestRock developed MotionKote, a decorative technology which transforms a package into a truly interactive piece through a nuanced play on texture, pattern and light.

While suitable year-round, this unique technology is the perfect addition for a range of products during the holiday season. For one, the MPS holiday card will feature MotionKote applied in concentric circles over fireworks in celebration of the Holiday season and the year to come.

"WestRock's successful execution on these cartons has strengthened our relationship with the customer."

Clients have also found use for MotionKote to increase shelf-appeal, particularly during the busy holiday season; Younique, a multi-level marketing company specializing in cosmetic and skincare products, recently partnered with WestRock to produce cartons utilizing the technology.

It's all in the details

As a $1Billion company whose mission is to uplift, empower, and validate women across the globe, Younique sought to do a special launch for their Black Friday/Cyber Monday campaigns through the use of very 'Younique' cartons. With the season of the gift-giving as the inspiration, the packaging was to resemble a delicately gift-wrapped package, complete with a sculpted embossed and VelveKote ribbon set off against a gift wrap-like pinwheel MotionKote pattern. For an additional touch of luxury and exclusivity, an embossed dark placard, made to look like a gift card, was included on the front.

MotionKote making inroads with customers

The MotionKote application and overall execution on the project proved wildly successful. Produced at WestRock’s Indianapolis facility, the cartons sold 25,000 units per day and completely sold out the 70,000 units available for this limited holiday offering.

Curt Goddard, vice president, notes "Working with a forward-thinking brand like Younique was the perfect opportunity to showcase the MotionKote decorative technology. Further, WestRock’s successful execution on these cartons has strengthened our relationship with the customer. Now, we'll have even better inroads into the company and opportunities to work with them on more diverse projects."

According to John Cote, vice president of innovation and manufacturing, "MotionKote is a wonderful decorative technology filled with possibilities, making packaging a truly interactive experience. Beyond the Younique project, WestRock has seen a great deal of interest and success with the MotionKote application, and we're all excited for things to come with MotionKote, and our other decorative technologies."