WestRock’s Cool Box Sharing Pack: Good Times & Science

Summer's must-have for tail-gaiting and bar-be-queues

Summer is here and it’s filled with outdoor activities and top sporting events! This unique package design for up to 18 bottles or cans functions as an ice bucket or cooler, allowing the consumer to add ice directly into the top of the pack once opened, to keep the beer nice and cold for hours.

Innovation and Sustainability – two of WestRock’s many strongpoints

 Sol Cool Box Packaging

“WestRock has developed a sensational pack which is easy to carry to a party, and whilst at the party can be used as an ice bucket to cool down the beer and keep it at a perfect-serve temperature. This creates a fun, new way to share ice cold beer among friends,” says Fons Buurman, Marketing Manager Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The use of WestRock Carrier Kote© board, which has a special wet-strength component, makes this possible. This board, in combination with our design, can resist ice cubes and water for up to 4 to 6 hours* and still remain strong. The pack even holds water inside without leaking, due to its tray-like construction once folded.

“The Cool Box is fully recyclable and is made from Carrier Kote®, which uses up to 15% recycled content, and the remainder of the fibre comes from responsibly sourced, sustainably managed forests. We also use environmentally-preferable water-based inks,” Fons explains.

Sol Cool Box Packaging 

The Sol Cool Box sharing Pack has robust crate handles, one on each side, allowing easy carrying before and after opening, as well as when filled with ice. To open, pull the finger holes in the top panel allowing the portion of the top and side panels to open like a toolbox. This creates a large opening, allowing the addition of ice between the bottles and side panels of the carton, which then acts like a cooler box. This makes it easy to fill with ice and easy to take the Sol beer out when it’s cold. The specific graphics on the pack guide the consumer for the right usage.

Global insight to In-Market approach

WestRock is able to identify consumer needs and create innovative designs to help drive our customers’ brand growth. Through constant following of specific retail trends, creating state-of-the-art and tailor-made designs, being able to ensure realistic on-shelf preview with help of our virtual store and with focus on customer satisfaction, WestRock is a leader in the market.

*6 hours is a requirement related to an appropriate timeframe for responsibly sharing a pack of this size.