Shipping Shoes Sustainably: WestRock and Grendene Together for Sustainable Packaging

Today’s shipping solutions meet the demands of a greener tomorrow

Reduced packaging weight and increased strength due to new engineering

For more than 15 years, WestRock has worked with Grendene, one of Brazil’s largest manufacturers of shoes, providing corrugated packaging for its shoe boxes. Grendene is the maker of well-known Brazilian brands such as Melissa, Ipanema and Rider.

Our long history with Grendene means we are able to turn around new designs and packaging models in expedited timeframes – with an average 48-hour turnaround on most requests. This requires impeccable coordination and commitment from the sales and product development teams, as well as optimum coordination from our factory in Pacajus.

Reducing costs and improving sustainability

WestRock partnered with Grendene to provide a customized solution for its Melissa brand that delivered added value and supported the company’s sustainability efforts: a win for both companies.

We were able to migrate from a double-wall corrugated package to a single-wall corrugated solution for the company’s shoe boxes thanks to the high quality and superior resistance of our products. This switch provided a 9% reduction in costs and freed up space in both storage and transportation.

In the process, we helped our customer lower their total costs while improving performance. Grendene saw a reduction in logistics, transport and storage costs that all had a positive impact on their supply chain and even helped reduce their water consumption and electricity costs while reducing emissions. By working together with our customer, we helped reduce the company’s impact on the environment by using fewer raw materials and by optimizing Melissa’s supply chain.

Thanks to the success of this solution, WestRock is currently working with Grendene on a number of other new ventures. At WestRock we are committed to producing sustainable solutions that help connect people to products. By migrating from a double- to single-wall corrugated package for its products, Grendene was able to operate more efficiently and reduce their costs all while making customers happy and reducing their impact on the environment.

WestRock helped Grendene reduce emissions, energy and water usage through sustainable packaging