Artistry Meets Innovation

Cosmetics and Makeup Embrace an Eco-conscious Evolution

Cosmetic and Makeup paper Palettes

The Move from Plastic to Paper

The WestRock Paper Palette reinvents cosmetic makeup palettes and sets, removing all plastic elements used in ordinary makeup palettes.

The goal was to create a concept that had luxury qualities - showcasing print and material effects on every component of the new makeup palette - as well as a product that demonstrates a credible sustainability message competitive with the best makeup palettes in the industry.

From the chip interior to paper wraps, this colorful makeup palette is not just something more sustainable, but the ultimate decorative, structural, and technical piece for the beauty market. Proving an eco-conscious alternative to plastic for colorful eyeshadow palettes to nude makeup kits.

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Sustainable and Stunning

This piece was created by WestRock’s Multi Packaging Solutions with the entire makeup and cosmetic market in mind. Today the beauty and personal care industry is exploring alternate materials for its packaging, especially a replacement for the iconic plastic palettes.

We challenged ourselves to address new standards: sustainable, sturdy & stunning. As the ever-growing makeup industry flourishes, so does the demand for new makeup palettes. With top brands releasing collections containing palettes frequently, our sustainable solution protects the product as well as the environment.

In addition to the sustainability benefits, the Paper Palette also utilizes advanced decorative printing techniques. This visual tool has been designed with exacting customers in mind. Our range of ground-breaking finishes and can transform a makeup kit’s packaging adding visual qualities, textures and above all – impact!

Sustainability is the heart of this project. Using a combination of our decorative technology capabilities and premium paper stocks we have created a colorful palette pack that exudes luxury and enables customers to push boundaries and consumer expectations. The Paper Palette proves that sustainable packaging solutions can be elegant, desirable and show stopping!