Less Packaging Waste. More Warehouse Space.

WestRock’s right-size packaging is the right solution for inventory management company


Lippert Enterprises recently installed WestRock’s Box On Demand® (BOD) machinery onsite, enabling the leader in flexible inventory solutions to decrease both its packing time and packing and shipping costs.

Lippert believes in extending the life of aging inventory. For more than 40 years, Lippert has helped on-highway truck, construction, mining, forestry, agriculture, and crane OEMs improve their delivery times, streamline dealer returns, and free up warehouse space.

The BOD system creates right-sized boxes for every order, giving Lippert the ability to create the perfect sized box for any shipment. It also reduces the need for expensive void fill, decreases shipping costs and optimizes efficiency and operations.

“By utilizing a BOD system, we were able to save about 20% on packaging and shipping costs,” said Lippert’s Operations Manager Jeff Bell. “In addition to requiring less material and producing less waste, the system decreases our packing time by around 25%,” said Bell.

Lippert improved productivity, reduced open space in packages and gained floor space for products by reducing box inventory and releasing working capital.

Great customer experiences start with great product experiences

When Lippert first acquired a BOD machine, it was looking to improve its efficiency and customer satisfaction in a variety of ways. Box On Demand solutions reduce damage to shipped packages

Box On Demand has completely changed our business in terms of shipping. By using the BOD system, we save about 40% on pallet boxes compared to when we bought pre-cut pallets. We also have seen a significant decrease in the number of items damaged in shipping,” said Bell. 

Better-fitting packages mean fewer damaged products and more satisfied customers. By reducing shipping costs and the frequency of items damaged in transit, Lippert can offer higher quality service to its customers. Additionally, Bell says that Lippert can pack and ship more product with no changes to their pre-existing labor pool.

Lippert is also now able to ship products and items that it couldn’t previously ship.

“We also now have the ability to package items that were simply impossible to ship previously because they were too large. Now we can produce boxes to fit much larger or irregular shaped items.”

BOD is a versatile platform that allows Lippert Enterprises to increase the rate and quality of its shipping services, a vital component in Lippert’s ability to offer flexible inventory solutions to its customers.

About Lippert Enterprises, Inc.

Lippert Enterprises, Inc. has 40 years of experience in adding value to our Heavy Equipment OEM partners’ aging inventory. Lippert aims to help our partners meet their inventory reduction goals while avoiding strain on the supply of decreased inventory. Lippert also offers various 3PL services, such as Dealer Returns Management, Packaging & Co-Packaging, Kitting, and Government Sales management.