The power of the box. Does shape and color matter?

 WestRock Pizza Boxes

People love pizza, but the pie is not all they care about. The box it comes in has an impact on consumer behavior and perceptions. A national survey conducted by WestRock looked at what consumers liked best about their pizza box.

Consumers say a brown box reminds them that the pizza inside is homemade, and from their favorite local pizzeria. The brown pizza box is also perceived to be more environmentally friendly than a white box, (both are recyclable if clean) but this doesn’t have much impact on whether consumers are more inclined to change their purchase behavior.

The white box also showcases art and design better, and are perceived to be “cleaner” per the survey. More consumers preferred graphics and logos on a white box, than a brown one. When it comes to that ooey-gooey, delicious pizza people love, most people don’t mind a little grease inside the box, particularly when it’s white inside.

Pizza box customers have gotten creative when it comes to the shape of the box. Many use the square configuration. Others have tried round, cut corners, rectangles and even octagons. WestRock’s research has found that whatever the box shape, consumers are focused on the hot and tasty pizza inside. In the end, a typical pizza customer will spend approximately 10 minutes interacting with the pizza box and about 20% will keep the box in the refrigerator another 12 hours, according to PMQ Pizza Magazine. Pick a box that represents your pizzeria’s specific vibe, and customers will come back for more.