The Brains Behind Custom Pizza Boxes at WestRock

 custom pizza box design

Timothy Tripp is a senior designer at WestRock where his focus is primarily food service and more specifically, designing pizza boxes. He helps provide customers with differentiated solutions by tapping into his creative side. One of his most notable creations was the flick football box that was the foundation for Pizza Hut’s “Flick Football Challenge” last year and a huge hit on social media. “I love seeing my ideas go from conception to mass production,” he says. “It’s very gratifying to partner with our customers to provide winning solutions.”

Tim’s career in the packaging industry began when he was a junior in high school during a summer internship at Arrowhead Containers in Kansas City, Missouri. This is where he learned the basics of design in the corrugated box and display world, and he credits this experience to shaping his interest in the packaging industry. “I had no idea that a summer internship would turn into a three-year position that would spark such a passion and ultimately drive my career in the industry,” Tim says.

Over the years, Tim has gained insight into the ins and outs of the food industry through his role — learning about our customers’ needs when it comes to packaging for their products. Some of his most interesting projects have revolved around the growth of meal delivery applications that require our customers to transport food from their restaurants to their customers’ homes. “Quick service restaurants (fast-food) look for foodservice packaging solutions that helps their food stay hot and fresh. Pizza companies are looking to provide consistent food quality with delivery packaging as well as ways to turn ordering a pizza into ordering a full meal, says Tim. “So, many of them are exploring bundled meal packs. Several other restaurant groups are looking to enhance/highlight the sustainability of their delivery to-go boxes.”

custom pizza boxes

Projects that are the most fun for Tim, are the ones that end up being the most fun for the consumer. “The flip box was a real treat to take to market,” he says. “It was also a real thrill to see it in TV commercials.”