Flirt Eyeshadow, Just As Fashionable on the Package

Velvekote makes a stunning debut

WestRock Flirt EyeshadowFrom Digital to Offset: Flirt Eyeshadow makes a VelveKote Debut

With Instagram friendly hashtags, e.g., #FlashYourFlirt and #FlirtCosmetics, printed directly on the back of the packaging, Estee Lauder’s Flirt line is targeted toward millennials. Foregoing traditional advertising, Flirt engages influencers with larger-than-life personalities and social media followings to match to promote and represent the brand on both social channels and live events. Flirt cosmetics features easy-to-apply false eyelashes, face powders, blushes, and more.

With WestRock as their partner in packaging, Flirt has truly transformed into what it is today within the short space of a year. Formerly available only in Kohl’s stores as a youth oriented brand, Flirt is now sold exclusively through flirtcosmetics.com.

Approximately one year ago, Estee Lauder approached WestRock with a critical packaging need for this line of cosmetics. With the tag line “Weapons of Mass Seduction” and a brand refresh, the company sought to re-introduce Flirt as an edgy, fast-moving cosmetics line with new launches every month.

Working with WestRock, Estee Lauder re-launched the brand as a digital only brand. Short runs in digital enabled Flirt to meet their high turnover, fast-moving inventory strategy, launching a new exciting product every month.

For the launch of their Priscilla Ono Major Metallics Eyeshadow Palette, the brand decided to introduce one of WestRock’s innovative decorative effects: VelveKoteTM. Estee Lauder hoped to mirror the bold metallic pigments of the product, along with Flirt’s playful brand persona, in the package itself.

According to Lisa Waldenmeyer, vice president, “We moved to offset printing in order to introduce the VelveKote technology, which worked beautifully. VelveKote brought a unique depth of color to the artwork, making it resemble the colors of the eyeshadows within.

Rich Thibault, the structural designer for the pack, kept the design sleek and chic within scope of the project. This is truly a win, and a wonderful introduction to the VelveKote technology for Flirt. It produces quite an alluring effect on the pack, as well as the smooth velvety look and feel the client wanted.”

For the lettering, WestRock applied a custom copper-like foil which, unlike cool-toned traditional foil stamping, closely resembles the warmth of the Major Metallic Eye Shadow Palette. With luxurious VelveKote applied in line, WestRock South Plainfield produced 7200 cartons just in time for Flirt’s Major Metallic Palette launch.