All Zipped Up: Innovative Retail Packaging for CHOYA Plum Wine

Creative packaging solutions can address both supply chain issues and consumer needs simultaneously

Shelf ready packaging solutions for retail beverage packaging

CHOYA, a Japanese liqueur company, makes an easy-to-drink plum wine that consumers love. But retailers had a difficult time displaying the glass jars in which CHOYA’s Pio product would arrive. The WestRock beverage packaging design team drew inspiration from the fashion industry, bringing a fresh perspective to solving this costly supply chain issue.

As a longtime customer, CHOYA already packed Pio in WestRock’s Cluster-Pak® single-tier solution, which includes the folding carton box and beverage packaging machinery. Retailers often threw out the beverage packaging and placed the product directly on store shelves. With no protection, the glass jars could break, resulting in lost sales. CHOYA needed a solution that would both merchandise its product and protect it during distribution.


Pulling Packaging Design Inspiration from Fashion

Innovative beverage packaging solutions for CHOYA Plum WineThe zipper — a one-time novelty in the fashion industry — would prove to be the solution to CHOYA’s challenge. Inspired by the now commonplace clothing feature, our design team added an innovative, 100% paper-based zipper-like closure to the existing packaging for a complete makeover. The redesign also didn’t require any additional materials or machine modifications, allowing CHOYA to maintain its current production program.

The new multi-purpose package offers vendors many options for their merchandising needs. When unzipped, the package works as a tray that both holds and displays the glass jars securely on store shelves. A retailer could also choose to sell Pio in bulk or stack the multi-pack boxes to create an eye-catching billboard effect. Ultimately, retailers now have the flexibility to attract consumers through shelf-ready packaging and on-shelf promotional displays to increase sales according to their preferences.

Retail ready folding carton paperboard solutionsThis redesign was a major win. With this simple design refresh, CHOYA produced an all-in-one product that offers multipack protection with a refreshed look that helped activate their brand with retail consumers — all without overhauling its supply chain.

At WestRock, we deliver value to our customers by solving real-world problems with real-world solutions. Sometimes it’s just a matter of looking at familiar items with a new point of view.