Teammate Exit Survey

Access your PeopleSoft employee ID to begin

You will need your PeopleSoft employee ID number to participate in the exit survey. There are a few different ways to find this information - shown below.

PeopleSoft: You can access via PeopleSoft at the link here. Your PeopleSoft login is your network ID and password. You can locate your Employee ID by clicking "Payroll" and accessing a previous paystub, which lists your Employee ID number.

NOTE: You will have to be inside the WestRock network or have Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) set up to access PeopleSoft.

Previous Pay Stubs: Once you locate your previous pay stub, find your "Employee ID". This should be located along the top area of your pay stub.

Local HR Contact: The local HR contact at your facility will be able to provide you with your PeopleSoft employee ID number.

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