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We are proud of the strong relationships we have with our customers, relationships built on trust and commitment to achieving shared goals. We also believe in their continuous improvement, which is why we survey our customers throughout the year. Our customer surveys provide us with continuous feedback on what’s important to our customers and how we can be a better partner.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

WestRock Pulp and Paperboard Safety Data Sheets

Product Name

Trade Name

Cellulose Containerboard

EnduraLiner™, EnduraLiner™ HP Max, EnduraLiner™ Wet Strength, EnduraLiner™ GR, DiamondTop™, DiamondTop™ HP, DiamondTop™ 1C, DiamondTop™ 2C, DiamondTop™ GR, EnduraFlute™, TechniFlute™, Linerboard, White Top Liner, Medium, Bleached Linerboard, Coated White Top Linerboard, RockmaX, Grease Resistant Liner, White Top Grease Resistant Liner, Natural Kraft Linerboard, Bleached Linerboard, Wet Strength linerboard, Premium White Top Liner, Recycled Linerboard, Recycled Medium, Fluting, White Top Kraft Liner

Bleached Market Pulp


EnduraFiber™ SBSK, EnduraFiber™ SBHK, EnduraFiber™ Fluff, EnduraFiber™ DPS, EnduraFiber™ Blend, Fluff Pulp, SBSK, SBHK, Food Grade Cellulose Fiber, Southern Bleached Softwood and Hardwood Market Pulp.

Specialty Papers

DuraSorb® Saturating Kraft, FibreGreen® Bag, FibreShield®, FibreShield® Porous, Multipurpose Kraft, Multipurpose Kraft Wet Strength, Performance Kraft, ReliaKraftTM papers: Bag, Bag Bleached, Bag Wet Strength, Butcher Bleached, Butcher Pink, Converting Kraft, Converting Laminating, Converting Smooth, Frozen Foods and Red, Corrosion Inhibitor Base, Gumming and Masking, Industrial Kraft, Interleaving Neutral, Multiwall, Multiwall Bleached, Multiwall Wet Strength, Raisin Tray and Raisin Tray Wet Strength, Saturating Building Board Natural and Bleached, Saturating Paper Natural and Bleached, Soft Calendered Converting, Soft Calendered Bag, Soft Calendered Laminating, Specialty High Tensile, Steak Paper Natural and Peach
TEA-Kraft®, TEA-Kraft® Porous, TEA-Kraft® Wet Strength, Rigid TEA- Kraft®, Rigid TEA-Kraft® Wet Strength

Unbleached Pulp

EnduraFiber™ UKP, Unbleached Pulp

Bacon Board

PrintKote® Bacon Board

Bleached Cellulose Paperboard

Crescendo® C1S and C2S, EnShield®, LiquiTech® Aseptic, LiquiTech® Gable Top, MicroCook® CC, MicroCook® NCC, NatraLock® Defend, NatraLock® Face Seal, NatraLock® Resist, NatraLock® Resist+, NatraLock® Protect, NatraLock® Ultra Seal, PharmaLock™ Endurance, PharmaLock™ Easy Seal+, PolarShield™ Canister, PolarShield™ Frozen Cup, PolarShield™ HMR, PolarShield™ Mill Wax, PolarShield™ Ovenable, PolarShield™ PET, PrintKote® Poly, PrintKote® Release, PrintKote®, PrintKote® Foamboard, PrintKote® Litholam, PrintKote® LC, PrintKote® HC, PrintKote® Lottery, Promina®, Promina® Innerframe, Promina® Lux, Promina® Outer Carton, Promina® Style, Reliant™, Reliant® Lottery, Tango® C1S and C2S, Tango® Gift Card, Tango® Poly, Tango® Digital C1S and C2S, Tobacco Basic, TruFold™, TruServ® Coated Platestock, TruServ® Coated Platestock Deep Well, TruServ® Compostable Cupstock, TruServ® Cupstock, TruServ® Poly Cupstock, TruServ® Pressed Tray, TruServ® Uncoated Platestock, VersaFile® Manila, VersaFile® White, VersaTag® Manila, VersaTag® White

Unbleached Cellulose Paperboard

CanCollar® Resist, CarrierKote®, CarrierKote® Poly, CustomKote®, CustomKote® LS, CustomKote® MPET, CustomKote® Poly, EnShield® Natural Kraft, EnShield® Recycled Board, FoldKraft®, FoldKraft® Poly, Gypsum Liner, KraftPak®, KraftPak® Poly, NatraLock® Resist, NatraLock® Resist+, NatraLock® Protect, NatraLock® Ultra Seal, PolarShield™ Shrimp Base, Red Label®, ReNew100® and ReNew100® Poly paperboards: Angel, Bending Chip, Brite, Classic, Drum, Frame, Freeze, High Strength, Mask, Partition, Plain Chip, Tote; RigidWall®, TruServ® Kraft Cupstock, TruServ® Kraft Cupstock Poly, VersaFile® Cinnamon, VersaFile® Kraft

WestRock Safety Data Sheets

SDS Number

Product Name


Tall Oil


Black Liquor


Kraft Turpentine


Wood Dust



Salt Cake



Black Liquor Soap, Tall Oil Soap


W9 Form Requests

WestRock’s vision is to be the premier partner and unrivaled provider of sustainable, winning solutions for our customers. As WestRock has grown to become one of the largest paper and packaging companies in the world, the number of our legal entities with which you may do business has also grown.

To simplify doing business with WestRock, we have begun rationalizing our legal entity structure in the United States. The initial step of this effort is a minor modification to our subsidiary legal entity structure and a slight change of certain legal entity names. We have also converted KapStone legal entities, which we acquired in 2018, to WestRock legal entities.

You can download W-9s for these legal entities, and request W-9s for other WestRock legal entities by clicking below.

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