WestRock’s Tax Department provides the following W-9s solely as a matter of convenience for our customers. The W-9s comply with IRS regulations.

This is not a comprehensive list of W-9s associated with WestRock legal entities. If you need a W-9 for a WestRock legal entity not listed on this page, please complete the form below and one will be sent to you.

WestRock Company Form W-9

WestRock Charleston Kraft, LLC (EIN 26-2582068)
WestRock Container, LLC (EIN 58-1392513)
WestRock Kraft Paper, LLC (EIN 20-5229654)
WestRock Longview, LLC (EIN 20-3674771)
WestRock Paper and Packaging, LLC (EIN 20-2699372)
Central Florida Box, LLC (EIN 59-1887833)
Oranqe Boxer Operations, LLC (EIN 38-4000888)

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