Grey Goose

WestRock Catches the Goose

WestRock produced and delivered the tubes for Bacardi’s Grey Goose brand for its Christmas promotional campaign. The project timetable was very demanding with an intense production schedule in order to get the product to market. The production of the tubes involved collaboration across several WestRock sites for the tubes, printed liner and tube wraps.

The project commenced following a meeting with Bacardi’s Global Procurement, Marketing and Packaging Development teams in Geneva during mid-February this year. A commercial and technical solution was then agreed to produce 1.2 million tubes for this year’s promotional campaign. However, the main challenge was to complete the production run over a three-month period from July to September. After successful trials and an agreed time frame, production was recently completed and approximately 100,000+ tubes per week were delivered to Bacardi’s factory in France.

Bacardi Business Development Manager Alastair McIsaac said: “We knew the Grey Goose brand was a perfect fit for our business and we’ve been keen to demonstrate our capabilities for nearly two years. We are delighted that we have been successful in winning and completing this project, and we now hope to build on this and work with the Grey Goose brand on other projects. This success further expands the brands that WestRock supports and produces for Bacardi.”