Allergan Rhofade

A Premium Look for Allergan’s RHOFADE Launch

At WestRock, healthcare and pharmaceutical packaging run the gamut from conventional to premium. Recently, we worked with Allergan and its agency partner, Pacific Communications, on a one-of-a kind pharmaceutical launch. The launch was part of Allergan’s "Less Red, More You" campaign to raise awareness of the new rosacea drug, RHOFADE™. Seeking to ignite a nationwide conversation about the typically underserved condition while raising awareness for RHOFADE™ cream, Allergan recently announced that Emmy® and Tony® award-winning actress and singer, Kristin Chenoweth would kick off the "Less Red, More You" campaign.

Moreover, recognizing that even in the pharmaceutical prescription market competition is strong, Allergan also challenged Pacific Communications to bring a stand-out look to its RHOFADE™ physician sample kits. Together, Allergan and Pacific Communications enlisted the help of the WestRock special packaging team to develop introductory multi-component pharmaceutical sample kits for physicians and their patients affected by rosacea.

"It’s amazing to see all the layers and the nuances of this project come together within an accelerated timeline for a result that far exceeded the client’s expectations."

VelveKote™ Brings A Premium Touch

As the project launched, WestRock offered suggestions and samples of premium packages from which to draw inspiration. The client selected VelveKote™, WestRock’s inline premium soft-touch finish for application to the kit. With VelveKote™ at the epicenter, the packs brought together a harmony of various treatments and the structural complexity at which WestRock excels. From concept to delivery, WestRock completed the project in the span of five weeks – which was far ahead of the normal timeline for a project of this nature.

Rich Thibault, corporate director of design at WestRock notes: “This project challenged us both creatively and logistically. Like other pharmaceutical kits we produce, it involved a variety of complex elements which had to be individually produced at several WestRock facilities with perfect color consistency and then assembled for shipping to the client. We pre-qualified additional facilities in order to satisfy regulatory and client standards. I’m pleased to say we were able to rise to the challenge and deliver an excellent result for the client and their agency partner.”

Special Packaging Meets Healthcare

With over a dozen different components, the kit features a die cut VelveKote™ sleeve surrounding an outer rigid box flooded with VelveKote™. It also houses an informational folder with educational literature, and 12 cartons containing RHOFADE™ product samples. While the kit’s sleeve and rigid box were produced in Indianapolis, IN, additional elements were produced simultaneously at other qualified WestRock sites. G7 Quality Standards allowed accurate color and coating match from site to site and across multiple substrates. After completely assembling each individual element of the kit, WestRock shipped and delivered 2,500 kits to Allergan’s product fulfillment center.

Jamie Petrykievicz, vice president of sales, commented on the launch: “When it comes to special packaging, I’ve learned that the success of a project always comes down to the team’s attention to detail and ability to collaborate. It’s amazing to see all the layers and the nuances of this project come together within an accelerated timeline for a result that far exceeded the client’s expectations.”