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Meta automated packaging systems

WestRock is the only North American company in the paper packaging industry with an in-house machinery manufacturing and service division that designs and manufactures a complete line of precision, semi- and fully-automatic case equipment. We offer more than 80 standard and customized configurations for customers in a variety of markets, for all types of products, and in multiple line speeds.

Before we deliver machinery to your facility, our team of packaging and machine engineers thoroughly analyzes your entire supply chain -- from the layout of machines on your factory floor to the way packages are unitized for transport. Armed with this knowledge and insight, we custom create a system that integrates our machines with our corrugated containers and offer support services to ensure that you get the most from your equipment to achieve your strategic objectives and meet your tactical needs.

Rigorous execution you can rely on.

We transform ideas and opportunities into high quality, efficient and trusted products, services and systems that:

  • Increase manufacturing efficiencies
  • Reduce product damage and waste
  • Reduce labor and material costs
  • Improve fiber utilization
  • Get attention at retail and boost sales
  • Meet recycling/sustainability expectations

Case Erectors

Get the cases you need, when you need them. We manufacture a number of case erectors that allow our customers to take advantage of erecting both traditional RSCs as well as the advanced Meta® KD 8 cases. Our case erectors are fully-automatic and quickly and efficiently erect and bottom-seal cases with either tape or hot melt adhesive. Our performance machines offer higher productivity and up-time efficiencies by erecting and sealing cases at speeds of up to 35 cases per minute.

Case Formers

Our Automated Packaging Systems offer precision case forming with the ultimate in equipment flexibility and speed utilizing our specialized mandrel-forming technology. Die-cut blanks are precisely formed into cases around a fixed mandrel, minimizing case-skew and maximizing structural integrity. This precision enables better box performance on your production line and through your distribution system. The die-cut flat blanks will also optimize your supply chain by reducing your storage footprint and transportation costs. The precision of the mandrel-formed box will have a positive effect on your overall line efficiency and production output.

Case Sealers

Our Case Sealers offer tremendous reliability and efficiency for sealing all types of packaging including RSC, SIDE-SEAL and FOL/BEV-FOLD shipping containers. Our case sealers work at speeds of up to 50 cases per minute and are manufactured with heavy duty welded carbon steel construction and top quality, name-brand, industrial-grade components.

Case Sealer Machines

A Packomatic® Case Erector Machine, Hot Melt Sealer

Packomatic® Series

Case Packers

Package more with less—less operator labor and less corrugated fiber. Whatever your product, WestRock makes the case packer that packs faster at a lower, overall cost. Our case packers are designed to run today’s lighter weight materials, including high recycled content, while speeding up your line and focusing operator attention on the part that matters most—your product as it goes into the case. We offer a full line of case packing equipment including wraparound case packers and our innovative Meta® Wrap 8 structures which increase strength, reduce material and can offer unique branding/display opportunities.


Faster setup. Higher compression. Less material. And the precise look of a perfectly formed tray every time. Our trayformers make it simple to get your products on the shelf fast and into the customers’ shopping carts. WestRock trayforming equipment is ideal for industries that utilize lidded and non-lidded trays such as produce & agriculture as well as protein producers. Additional benefits of utilizing flat blanks include optimization of your supply chain by reducing your storage footprint and a reduction in waste and transportation costs.


Our wraparound machines are designed to provide efficient product accumulating and loading utilizing semi- and fully-automatic systems that require less operator labor and corrugated fiber. Utilizing either the Meta® Wrap 8 containers or traditional RSC, FOL, POL or trays, these tightly formed packages deliver high-performance stacking ability, reduced shipping movement, and material savings.

Custom Equipment

We design and manufacture a complete line of precision semi and fully-automatic case equipment, available in both standard and customized configurations which are able to handle a wide variety of products and line speeds. We evaluate your requirements and create the system which will do the best job of protecting and showcasing your products for a positive impact on your bottom line.

Integrated Lines

WestRock has the expertise to go beyond the packaging process to uncover hidden efficiencies that can improve your bottom line performance. Before we deliver machinery to your facility, we analyze your entire supply chain from the layout of machines on your factory floor to the way packages are unitized for transport. The end result is…you aren’t just buying equipment; you’re getting a fully integrated packaging system which works with your processes, speeds up your operations, and lowers your costs.


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